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Competition from the brand aspirin for all lovers of honey.


The company Api Green opened a new section on the site: "recipes with honey," and encourag ..

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Register online store Apigreen to Yandex.Market


Dear regular and new customers online store Apigrin, in connection with the registration of our onli ..

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Super offer Amipol for 650 rubles, the amount is limited. The promotion is valid until 02.28.2016 year.


Dear customers, in anticipation of the arrival of spring is necessary to restore the body. We offer ..

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Prodexpo 2016 23th International Exhibition of food products, beverages and raw materials for their production.


Employees of the company Apigreen visited the exhibition "Prodexpo - 2016", held in Moscow in Expoce ..

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«Из письма нашего постоянного клиента Андрея Михайловича, 74 года, город Самара (отредоктирова но ...»

Андрей ... Самара

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«Я случайно попал на ваш магазин, почитал отзывы и статьи и решил купить всего по чуть-чуть на пр ...»

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«Заказал лесной мёд, я очень попросил и привезли в этот же день. На самом деле было очень неожида ...»

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Перга с медом и А...
«Добрый день! Я уже оставлял свои комментарии по поводу перги с медом. Действительно в начале был ...»

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«Олег Юрьевич с удовольствием употребляю Ваш мед. Самый любимый у меня лесной мед, поистине кладе ...»

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«Очень хороший мед, всем ценителем настоящего меда рекомендую покупать у Олега Юрьевича. Был сего ...»

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«Не смог оставить отзыв в яндекс маркет, поэтому напишу здесь. Мне нравится Ваша продукция и я её ...»

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«Мне очень нравиться ваш мёд, особенно лесной и донниковый. Очень приятный и нежный вкус у обоих, ...»

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«Хочу поблагодарить Олега Юрьевича за его хорошую работу. Мы знакомы очень давно, я уже 15 лет по ...»

Зоя Вик... Чебоксары

«Олег Юрьевич,пишет Вам постоянная клиентка с санатория Ундоры, Васюкова Галина. Хочу сказать огр ...»

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igoshin_pchelovod range Apigrin

Apigreen - natural bee products.

For more than 30 years Oleg Igoshin engaged in the production of natural bee products on a professional level. Numerous scientific papers and articles in professional journals for the breeding and maintenance of bees proved his professionalism, not only as a beekeeper, but also as a scientific figure. In 2014 Igoshin OJ awarded the degree of "Candidate of Agricultural Sciences". Established in 1997, its first honey-based composition of bee products shown to be effective in the treatment of many diseases. Many customers have since become friends and always just warm words spoken about Oleg.
Now you have the opportunity to buy in our online store, such as the honey composition: Apimol, Apiprol, Candles propolisovye, Perge with honey. Our products have helped many people overcome such ailments as gastric ulcer, cirrhosis of the liver, prostate, hemorrhoids and many others. Honey compositions that are based on natural products of beekeeping are very useful for human beings and as a preventive measure. Our products help to cope with stress, general fatigue of the body during increased physical, emotional stress, help to strengthen the immune system, have a positive effect on the condition of hair and nails, improve metabolism.

650.00 руб. 550.00 руб.
Based on 21 reviews.
350.00 руб. 320.00 руб.
Based on 28 reviews.
950.00 руб. 850.00 руб.
Based on 11 reviews.

How to buy natural products of beekeeping in your city.

Buy a nice natural honey and other bee products has become much easier. You need to select one of the favorite varieties of honey or honey composition on our website and put in the basket, then fill in the customer profile, the delivery address, convenient delivery method in your city (in Moscow and Ulyanovsk we employ courier service), convenient way payment and confirm the order. Here you can buy elite varieties of honey: Sweet Clover honey, forest honey flower, field flower honey and flower honey meadow. Also, you can order and buy goods to you by calling in Moscow 8 (925) 800-88-60 or in Ulyanovsk 8 (8422) 56-24-21. Our consultants will help you decide on your purchase according to your requirements. All natural bee products offered on our official website, produced in the Ulyanovsk region, at the mouth of the Volga River and meet the highest requirements. Before you place your order, we recommend that you read our column "article". Here you will find a lot of useful information. Be sure to check the reviews our customers about us and our products. Perhaps you will find in them the ultimate solution to their problems. If you like our products, please leave your comments in any of the sections. This can be done simply - "a review of the company" as a whole, you can leave on the home page, a review of purchased product of beekeeping - directly to the selected product. We look forward to your feedback, comments and questions on our official website.

Honey composition Apimol
950.00 руб. 850.00 руб.
Based on 11 reviews.
Ambrosia with honey 400g
650.00 руб. 550.00 руб.
Based on 21 reviews.
Forest Flower Honey 450g
220.00 руб.
Based on 13 reviews.
Sweet Clover Honey 500g
250.00 руб.
Based on 8 reviews.
royal jelly
7,000.00 руб.
Based on 10 reviews.

Honey composition based on natural bee products.

Honey composition - a combination of different natural ingredients produced by bees and the products produced by nature itself. Honey composition are not drugs or Bud. The composition may include a composition Honey bee various products such as royal jelly, honey, pollen, propolis, pollen, zabrus, wax, and others. Depending on the disease in honey herbs can be added to the composition, dairy products and other products, but the main condition is their naturalness.

Honey composition has long been used to treat many diseases. Everyone knows that modern medicine is moving forward very quickly, constantly offering us new drugs and medicines. Unfortunately, using them often, so that if one fails to cure the disease, medications can trigger another. Each synthetic drug has a large list of contraindications. In such cases, it may help traditional medicine, which is improved over the centuries. On the use of royal jelly and other bee products it has been known since the time of the pharaohs in ancient Egypt. Honey composition based on natural bee products do not cause an allergy, do not give adverse side effects are not addictive. The only thing it is necessary to know that any honey formulations are contraindicated for people with an allergic reaction to honey.

Апигрин - натуральные продукты пчеловодства и медовые композиции

  • apiary in forest
  • Mobile beehive in the forest
  • bees in the hive
  • collecting honey natural O.
  • apiary in forest
  • collecting honey natural O
  • Mobile pavilion wintering Igoshin O.
  • Apiary Igoshin O. Mobile pavilion in the woods

Bee products on the shelves of our stores.

On the problem of the lack of high-quality natural products of beekeeping in our stores, you can write a lot. Our main task is to help the common man to understand how to buy a quality product, which is then, Praed home may use the benefit and pleasure.

We really recommend that you check out our website section "All about honey" - this will help in choosing a quality product at the store. In this section, we try to collect excerpts from scientific papers and useful articles. For example, the article will be very useful, "how to identify the presence of processed sugar in honey" and "What is dangerous overheated honey. In other sections you can read about the use of other natural bee products and their properties. A large section of articles devoted to the treatment of bee products from different ailments and painful. Send us by mail your experience using natural bee products. Perhaps it is you help another person to find a way out of this situation. Share your observations and experiences.

royal jelly
7,000.00 руб.
Based on 10 reviews.
pollen 80 g
350.00 руб.
Based on 1 reviews.
Pollen 80 g
130.00 руб.
Oil propolis 60 g
260.00 руб.
Based on 3 reviews.
650.00 руб. 550.00 руб.
Based on 21 reviews.

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